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The Alpha Strategy

Alpha Strategy: The Ultimate Plan of Financial Self-Defense for the Small Investor. - John A. Pugsley

The Alpha Strategy is a very interesting book that shows how to protect your money from inflation. The first half of the book teaches us about money creation, inflation, competition, and economics. This part is very interesting. He uses simple, illustrative examples to show how money works and how we lose our wealth through inflation.


He also goes over many of the traditional investment strategies and pretty much disproves all of them including investing in real estate and the stock market. According to him the best way to protect your wealth from inflation is by stocking up on items you will use. He discusses both the pros and cons and the limitations of this method. Another important recommendation is to be prepared to lose your source income and be ready to jump into something else. That means learning new skills, setting some money aside for tools or education. He claims many problems are caused when people lose their source of income and cannot adjust and find another one quickly. We have to be able to learn new skills and new ways to make money or even have some ideas ready.


This is really a great book, much better than I can describe. The writing is very good and his strategy is sound, although not perfect.  It can be applied easily at least partially by everyone. You can find it online if you Google it.