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The Jakarta Pandemic

The Jakarta Pandemic - Steven Konkoly

This book starts off great but then it seems to just drag forever...not sure if I will finish it and I'm about 2/3 done.  It talks about the potential of a pandemic spreading and affecting everything from grocery stores to workplace absentism. The main character works in a pharmaceutical company and is better aware of the developing situation and potential dangers. However, he seems a bit of a jerk and definitely not very likeable or even "natural" as a character. I did love the beginning of the book because it seemed very realistic of how people will react and how many will do the wrong thing in order to keep their jobs, take their kids to daycare, not worry or stock up on anything, and just be ignorant and do the wrong thing as a result.  However, the book does a great job tying that to just people living their lives and their values. For example, many of the neighbors have little savings and can't just quit their jobs but those who can do and that's what it takes to save their lives. There are other good things but as the book goes on it just gets boring and all about criminals moving into the neighborhood and dealing with that and it just drags on. Not sure I will even finish it at this point.