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Self Defense against the Psychopath

SELF DEFENCE against the PSYCHOPATH Essential Reading For Everyone - Rik Atherton

Do you know how to recognize psychopaths and how to defend yourself against them? This book shattered my idea of what I thought a psychopath is. For starters, they are not just criminals. They are the people who will con an elderly person out of their savings, walk all over others in the workplace on their way to the top, break your heart and steal your money before leaving. Yes, they are criminals and killers also, but even when they aren't they still can do a lot of damage to the people around them.


This book describes psychopaths as a separate nonhuman species almost due to a brain abnormality and their inability to feel empathy. They cannot be changed and cannot feel remorse and the only hope for them is if they are taught sound morals from an early age.


This is a wonderful book to learn about how to spot psychopaths, deal with them, and understand and heal after the destruction caused by a psychopath. I agree with the author that it is important for society for more people to know the truth about psychopaths.