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Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey

Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey: Learn Coupon Strategies to Save $1000s at the Grocery Store - Joanie Demer, Heather Wheeler

This is a good book on couponing. One of the best things about it is it is quite motivating in explaining the reasons to coupon, build a stockpile, and utilize the savings from groceries to other areas of your life like reducing debt, taking a vacation, build savings, whatever you want to do. At the same time you will have a stockpile of things you already use that can also serve you well in job loss, local disaster, etc. Considering the economy and how many people are facing job loss or hardship, I think couponing is a valuable skill that I would like to become better at.


The book itself is well written and engaging. I thought sometimes the tone is a bit like the title--somewhat shallow and catty and that annoyed me a bit but it's definitely not like that all the time. The book gives great tips on how to find and use coupons to maximize savings, it discusses different stores and their policies (which may have changed) and the best way to shop in each one.


One concern I have about coupons is they often seem to be for products that are very unhealthy--processed food, sodas, pizzas--stuff you're better off without.


Still, I bought some couponing supplies and will try to use more coupons for things I already use or could use. No plans on becoming an extreme couponer yet, even though I do love that show.