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Beating the High Cost of Eating

Beating the High Cost of Eating: The Essential Guide to Supermarket Survival - Barbara Salsbury

This is an excellent book full of strategies on stretching your dollars further in the grocery store. The main emphasis is on pantry building, stocking up when prices are low on things you use, making a budget, and shopping smarter. The book devotes a lot of time to describing the various strategies and gimmicks shops use to make you buy more, many of which are deceptive and make you think you save money, when all you do is spend money in their store. She includes coupons in this category and has a strong aversion to them. I think coupons can be good if used properly, but I still appreciate the info and opinion as long as her insightful information on all the other tactics stores use. some of the advice will take time and a change in habits like comparison shopping, making a price book, studying the ads. She says grocery shopping can be and is like a business and if you gain more control over your shopping habits and awareness of gimmicks and what not to do, you will save money. I think this is an excellent book overall.